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Searching the many family lines often uncovers unknown facts about our immigrant ancestors and how they coped with their new surroundings. The Castor Association of America applies part of its efforts to searching for our foreign origins in order to better understand the earlier cultures abroad. This provides a deeper appreciation of the struggles and accomplishments of our ancestors.

The Association publishes the results of its findings so that more people may share in its knowledge. The CAOA has published some Books including The Descendants of Paulus and Gertrude Kusters, John Caster Sr. and others. The News-Caster brings fresh news and unfolding discoveries to its members four times per year. Ongoing long-range publishing efforts provide booklets and books of a more substantial nature.

CAOA also encourages informal regional and local gatherings of members to meet one another and learn more about their common history and the CAOA.

Members receive The News Caster published quarterly by the CAOA. It is filled with stories submitted by the members and other sources. It also brings fresh news of the organization and unfolding discoveries along with articles providing genealogical information.

Members may borrow books by mail from the CAOA Lending Library. This library contains many genealogical books and specific family histories. It also contains many general history books that are useful for understanding various historical times and settings.

A CAOA Membership Directory is published and sent to the members in July of each even year. In odd years all New Members will receive the last published directory. Updates for the directory are published quarterly in The News Caster. The next directory will be printed in 2012 and a supplemental directory will be published in 2013.

The CAOA has published several books for Kuster, Caster, Castor and Kasters. A continuing effort is being made to publish information from the Archives which may be available from the Library or available for purchase. Members will receive a discount when they purchase any of these items.

The Archives contains Notebooks that contain information on the different lines that the CAOA has information. These notebooks are not loaned out. Arrangement can be made with the CAOA Archive Coordinator if you wish to view them in person.

New members will receive welcome letter from the President and 4 issues of the News Caster published in the year they joined.

To join the Castor Association print the CAOA application and mail to the address at the bottom of the application.

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